• LaserSim Simulator

The LaserSim package is sold with one simulator laser rifle. It's fit with precision aligned laser and high quality electronics. 

LaserSim Package Contains:
The LaserSim package is the basis for every LaserSim system. It includes:

  • One very realistic black sports rifle,
  • One highly accurate LaserSim detector,
  • Special LaserSim system software,
  • Software package with realistic LaserSim simulations.

A projector, projection screen and PC are not included in the LaserSim package.

LaserSim PC Requirements:
(PC not standard included in package)

To comfortably play LaserSim we recommend the following PC specifications:

  • minimum 1Gb internal memory,
  • 1.5GHz clock speed,
  • 1Gb harddisk,
  • Intel or AMD processor,
  • CD-ROM drive,
  • 2 available USB 2.0 ports,
  • Windows XP (SP3), Vista, Windows 7,
  • seperate video card (minimum 256Mb, recommended 512MB),
  • screen resolution 1024x768 (required),
  • sound card,
  • We recommend to use external audio speakers for realistic sound effects.

LaserSim Projector Requirements:
(Projector not standard included in package)

You can use any type of projector such as LCD, DLT or DLP for the LaserSim systeem.
The projection must be on a clear white or silver area and preferably avoid direct sunlight. The maximum projection size is 6 meters diagonal.


LaserSim Sports Rifle:


Standard black sports rifle (synthetic material, steel), 94 cm, 1.2 kg

The LaserSniper package is sold with one black sport rifle that is 100% realistic in looks, handling and weight. They are fit with precision aligned lasers and high quality electronics.


For more information, see our website: www.LaserSniper.com

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LaserSim Simulator

  • € 995.00